Utah's Important Bird Areas Program
Wayne Martinson, IBA Coordinator NE
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As of December 2013, 22 sites have been recognized as Important Bird Areas in Utah.  To obtain summary information about the Important Bird Areas in Utah go to the map at the bottom of this page.  

Started in December 2001, Utah's Important Bird Areas Program has come to fruition through the partnerships of many organizations and individuals in Utah, including state and federal agencies, numerous conservation and birding organizations, and the academic community. The Utah IBA Technical Advisory Committee (currently chaired by John Bellmon with Wasatch Audubon Society) finalized the inittial criteria and nomination forms for the Utah IBA program in May of 2002.                                       

In 2008 a book titled: Utah's Featured Birds and Viewing Sites: A Conservation Platform for IBAs and BHCAs by Keith Evans and Wayne Martinson was published. This book includes summary information of the 21 Important Bird Areas that were in Utah as of 2008. 

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Summary of UT Important Bird Areas
IBA Priority
Number of IBAs
Acres Encompassed
Global 12 3,479,280
Continental 0 0
State 10 79,058
The Ownership of UT IBAs chart showing Series 1 series.
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